My top 5 tips for today.

1. Less focus on the weight and stop using momentum. You are trying to grow your muscle, not move weight from A-B. Make the muscle work instead of making the exercise easier because you’re focused on the weight.

2. Concentrate on the negatives in a rep as much as the pull or the positive. Mind muscle connection peeps….engage your mind and focus on the muscle with control both ways.

3. Posture in check. Not just to prevent injuries but to make sure you are fully hitting the muscle you are intending to train. Your back, core, and abs should be engaged during the entire movement. (Wearing my waist trainer during training keeps all these in check!!). Make sure both sides of your body are in balance by performing unilateral movements from time to time.

4. Remember, the last reps in a set are the most crucial for growth. You need to constantly be adding more weight(even 2lbs) or affiliated g reps, or increasing intensity. From week to week or day to day, our body adapts to outside stresses. We need to outsmart our body and keep it guessing, only way to force it to grow.

5. This drives me crazy. Real crazy!!!!! When I see people on a cardio machine, holding on for dear life, using the machine to assist in holding half their weight up or scrolling through their phone, typing messages.

Listen, you don’t need 60 minutes or 40 minutes on the tread mill (unless you enjoy spending 2-3 hours at the gym). Go super high intensity for 20-30 min (HIIT). It’s way more effective, takes less time. Compare a sprinters body to a marathon runner. Sprinters have a far more defined physique though marathon runners perform more volume. ********Remember cardio burns fat and muscle at particularly the same rate when done improperly. So stop being skinny fat and “tone up” properly.

A Side Note: Ever since I announced that I won’t be taking on any new clients in the New Year I’ve been completely slammed with meal plans and training plans.
My current response time to emails is 2 days, thank you for your patience.
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