1. Nut butter. Any type of nut butter; almond butter or peanut butter for example. These are available now in little packets that you can keep in your desk or car. Just eat one if the cravings are coming on really bad. The healthy fats I find are great at curbing your appetite plus will help to keep you feeling full. You can always add the nut butter to some slices of apple, banana or whole grain rice cakes for a great balanced snack.

2. Nuts. Almonds would be the best in my opinion for helping curb your appetite. But any type of low sodium nut or trail mix is great. It will provide you with the energy you need as well as helping to suppress your appetite. Keep a bag on hand again in your desk or in your car, purse. Close by so when the cravings hit you can quickly extinguish that craving.

3. Frozen Grapes. Sometimes you are craving something cold and sweet…..ice cream or popsicle. Look no further. Grapes when frozen don’t freeze rock hard but keep a creamy texture like a popsicle. Spread out grapes on a flat tray, freeze, then store in air-tight freezer bag. These will satisfy your worst sugar craving-guaranteed!!

4. Pouched Fish. If you’re on the hunt for a snack that is pure muscle-friendly protein, look no further than the take-anywhere pouches of fish like salmon and tuna found in the canned fish aisle of most supermarkets. Simply cut open the top and fork up the protein-packed meat to keep muscle growth in full force all day long.

5. Greek or Icelandic Yogurt. Greek yogurt has been the rage, but the new rage is Icelandic yogurt. Both are packed with protein (about 15-20 grams per serving). The thick and creamy texture of these yogurts make it feel less like a healthy snack and more like a tasty dessert. You should always opt for 0% milk fat with no added flavors. The store bought flavor yogurts are packed with sugar. Instead, buy the plain version and add your own sweet goodness; frozen berries, granola, sugar-free jam, or just some plain honey or vanilla flavor. These yogurts are laced with gut-friendly probiotic bacteria for an added health benefit too.

6. Turkey, Salmon, or Beef Jerky. Jerky is one lean, mean snack option that’s good for more than just road trips. With a surprising 10:1 protein-to-fat ratio for most brands, going all Paleo and gnawing on jerky between meals is a perfect way to show your muscles some love.

7. Hard-boiled eggs. Eggs provide an abundance of branch-chain amino acids, which are the most anabolic amino acids in the body. A muscle building power snack. I boil up a carton full every weekend and store in my fridge for a quick on-the-go protein fix. Store in your work fridge for a mid-day craving buster. The most inexpensive protein!!

8. Dried Prunes. Prunes are ideal when you need a sweet fix or shot of energy before hitting the weight room. Researchers discovered that the fiber-rich dried fruit favorably impacts blood sugar and appetite-regulating hormone. Dried plums are also laced with disease-fighting, muscle-mending antioxidants. I like to have 1 or 2 with a cup of green tea. Hits the spot ?

9. Cottage Cheese. With only 104 calories per 1-cup serving, cottage cheese is a remarkable, low-calorie source of a substantial 15 grams of protein. Eat a cup at 2pm and you’ll stay full until dinner. Top with your favorite fruits like peaches or strawberries. Do be wary of the one bad side of cottage chesse and that is the high sodium level. You can buy those single serving packs now that are easy to transport for lunches and snacks on the go.

10. Hummus. One of the healthier options for dips is hummus, a Middle Eastern dip made with chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and tahini, which is a sesame seed paste. It provides you with protein and a number of essential vitamin and minerals, and while it can be high in fat, it is mostly heart-healthy unsaturated fat. I usually have hummus as a dip for a snack with baby carrots, cucumber and, celery. Totally guilt free and definitely keeps me feeling full.

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