Life is busy, and even more so once you become a mom. On top of trying to make time for your relationship, friendships, career and home, you now have little people depending on you for every step of their growth and development. You can see why taking time for you, and hitting the gym can take a back seat!

I’m Harj, a member of TeamReflex. I’m also a mom of my 5-year-old boy who needs me for everything and a very independent (and growing up way too fast!) 8-year-old daughter. We are very busy with after school soccer, piano, art, hockey and tutoring. As an entrepreneur, I also run a monthly online healthy lifestyle challenge and manage 100 online clients. I am working on growing my brand while bringing new and innovative fitness products to the market.

As an internationally qualified bikini athlete, when I am competing I need to spend a lot of time in the gym as well as in the kitchen.

But here’s the thing – we don’t have babysitters, nannies, cleaners, or grandparents. My family is just like yours, and we’re trying to get a little further ahead every day.

How do I keep all the wheels turning and make my health and fitness a priority?

I am going to share my Top 10 Tips for Busy Moms to help all you mommas out there make health a priority!

10 Health & Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Busy Mom Tip #1: Kitchen over Gym

Focus more on proper nutrition than the time you spend in the gym. 90% of the tight and toned body you want is made in the kitchen. You don’t gain weight from being inactive as much as you do from poor food choices.

Busy Mom Tip #2: Eat Frequent Meals

Aim for 5-6 smaller meals a day to crank up your metabolism. Sometimes it will just be a protein shake or smoothie but eat something every 3 hours. Keep your bag and vehicle loaded with healthy snacks like nuts, cans of tuna, fruits, clean protein powder and healthy protein bars.

Busy Mom Tip #3: Practice Meal Prep

Pick 1 or 2 days in a week where you cook in mass. Make a few lean protein choices like chicken or fish, a pot of rice and some veggies. Dish theses out into smaller portions for yourself so they are handy for on the run eating as well as when hunger strikes at home.

Busy Mom Tip #4 Sleep:

Something most new moms will always tell you is how tired they are. Sleep is the number one factor in healthy weight loss. It helps to keep your hormones balanced and you feeling mentally alert and happy. So when the baby sleeps, don’t clean or do laundry. Try to nap if you can.

Busy Mom Tip #5 Drink Water

Water makes up to 65% of our body. But too often it is the fuel we overlook. Lack of water causes us to hold water weight (aka “bloat”). The easiest 5-10 lbs you will ever lose is water weight. How? By drinking 4-6 litres of water daily.

Busy Mom Tip #6: Sneak In Activity

The mentality that you need 1 hour on a machine is the old way of thinking. Take the kids to the park and spend 15 minutes doing walking lunges and some bench push ups. Drop the kids to school and walk the track for 15 minutes. Take the kids swimming and spend 15 minutes pushing them around on a floaty. Family walks, hikes, and skating are all examples of how you can be active with your children. The bonus is that your kids are learning to live an active lifestyle from a young age.

Busy Mom Tip #7: Hit The Gym Early

If you want to hit the gym, my best tip is to wake up before they do (I promise this gets easier when they are sleeping through the night). Get up early and get it done before the hectic day begins. Try following a Youtube video or getting a small piece of cardio equipment, weights, or a TRX at home. It will set you up to have an energized day.

Busy Mom Tip #8: Stop Being A Compost

It’s hard to throw away the crust or not take a bite of those mini pizzas you made the kids. But, did you know that just taking a bite at every meal of your kid’s food can add up to 500-600 extra calories a day? We do it so mindlessly, especially if we haven’t had a chance to eat and are hungry. 500 extra calories a day for one year can add up to an extra 10-15 pounds. Now you’re listening, right? So stop with the munching of the munchkins food.

Busy Mom Tip #9: Just Start

If you are new to fitness and not sure where to start, it can be overwhelming. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, and it is better to get going with fitness than to keep putting it on the back burner. Join a local bootcamp or group classes. You’ll be surprised how many you will find that are kid friendly. It’s a great place to meet like-minded women who are facing the same challenges as you trying to find time for themselves.

Busy Mom Tip #10: Drop the Guilt

So many moms carry the guilt that the kids are in daycare, or that dishes are piling up, or dinner needs to be made. Remember at the end of the day if you spent 1 hour on yourself making yourself feel happy that energy affects your entire family. By taking care of yourself, you are setting a great example for your kids and getting healthy so you can spend time with your family for years to come.

Happy Mothers Day to all moms, those that are expecting and those that have left us far too soon. There is no love in this world that can compare to the love a mother has for her children. Have an active yet restful day mommas!


Harj Hardani is an International Bikini Competitor, and Founder of Through her 28-day challenges, she has helped thousands of people transform their body. For more healthy living tips follow Harj on Instagram (@skinnyroti). And if you’re a mom, let us know your tips for staying healthy. Comment below, or tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We are #ReflexNation.

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