IMG_1826I really wanted to reach out to the all the listeners from yesterdays radio show. I am completely humbled and appreciative of how you have all reached out to me. I have received over 100 voice calls and dozens of emails. As you all know, I am preparing for the biggest competition of my life right now. I leave for Winnipeg to compete in the Canadian Bodybuilding Championships on July 23rd. I have sacrificed a lot to get to this point. I am returning phone calls and emails as best as I can right now but my first priority is my training for the next week. I am also taking on new clients for meal plans. If you email me at I will reply to everyone as soon as possible. I will be back on July 25th and working to help as many of you as I can right away. I know many people need help, some of you are even desperate with looming health issues. My joy is to help you recover your health, to take control of your body, and to feel great about yourself again.I will reply to each and every message, I promise. Thank you for your love, support, and patience. If you’re not already, follow my journey to the stage on my Facebook or Instagram page @newskinnyroti.

Wish me luck!!





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