Why should you sprout?

So, my mom has always soaked almonds at night and made my sisters and I eat a handful every morning. I kept the tradition going and do the same for my kids. I remember asking my mom why she soaks them and she would say simply, it’s better for you. My explanation is not so simple, but it will be a “light bulb” moment, I guaranty that.

Grains,seeds,legumes,and beans contain enzyme inhibitors, which keep them dormant until they are soaked and start to sprout. They also contain phytic acid in the outer layer, and a variety of toxins to protect them from being eaten by mammals, including humans. These enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid and other toxins make dry grains, seeds and legumes indigestible. Phytic acid also reacts with many essential minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc, and stops their absorption in your intestines.

What does soaking do?

Soaking neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors present in dry grains, seeds and legumes, and starts the production of numerous beneficial enzymes. As they soak, the enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms break down and neutralize the phytic acid. As little as seven hours soaking in water removes most of the phytic acid. Soaking, fermenting and sprouting also breaks down gluten and other difficult-to-digest proteins into simpler components that are more easily absorbed.

Once you’ve sprouted your beans, nuts, or legumes what’s next? Well, you can cook them as usual in your favorite daal, salad, add to wraps or in your pasta sauce, etc. You can also dehydrate them to make your own flour. Or, I use the nuts (mainly almond) to make almond milk.


Check out my recipe post on the “how to” sprouting yours legumes, beans, and nuts.

There are many that believe that sprouting causes bacteria growth and can be unsafe. There is a proper technique so make sure to follow it. It’s actually very easy and not time consuming at all!!

Happy Sprouting Peeps.
Much Love.


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