So I have not quite gone “gluten-free” but I do believe in purchasing grains that have not been genetically modified. I truly believe the facts that our grain production process has changed the genetics of grain so much in order to mass produce it that we are now eating a “grain-like” product. If you have digestive problems, persistent stomach issues, bloating in your gut, I would like to challenge you to try gluten –free. It just might help, and the least it will do is help you to lose weight. Cutting out these highly processed carbohydrates, low nutrient value foods will help you lose some belly fat.

Two-Ingredient Pancakes
The easiest and healthiest breakfast you can make. It takes some practice cooking these pancakes but they are so guilt-free that you can eat as many as you can make. Get creative with your toppings. Please do share your favorite way to eat these yummies. Enjoy!!

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Protein Pancakes
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