Healthy Protein Apple Crumble

Fall is upon us and the apple trees are overflowing with sweet goodness. I have more fresh organic apples than we can eat. So I go about making apple sauce for the kids and apple pies for everyone that will take one. The entire time I’m thinking, I eat more than... read more

Protein Cheesecake

Ever since I can remember when I think of having the most mouth watering and rich dessert I will crave cheesecake. It is definitely my favorite. It is also super high in calories and fat. Well, you know me. If I love to eat it, I will find a way to make it skinny. To... read more

Gajaar (Carrot) Halwa

Can you believe it? Halwa for under 100 calories. Carrot halwa is an extremely popular Indian dessert. It is traditionally made using ghee and powdered milk or cream. Not very figure friendly. Not only is my recipe low calorie, it is gluten free and low fat. Although... read more

Raw Cookie Dough Balls

Raw, organic, vegan, and loaded with protein and fiber. Say cookie what?? When your eating lower calories to lose weight, you need to make sure that those calories are coming from nutrient dense foods. Chickpeas are packed with nutritional value and are the main... read more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Now, for the most requested recipe on my insta page, and trust me friends, well worth the wait. Enjoy. And don’t forget to send me a snap of your finished product. I love to see it!! These are clean, low carb, gluten free, and melt in your mouth. read more

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