The Pregnancy Nutrition Guide: Diet Plan




Many women believe a common misconception that they will gain a lot of weight during their pregnancy. But this not the way it has to be. Weight gain will mainly depend on 2 variable: your pre-pregnancy weight and your diet.

This flexilbe guide has all the meals you need for your 40 weeks of housing your little growing baby. It is not time to diet, not time to lose weight. This is the time to nourish and nurture the very genes and DNA that you are creating for your child. What you eat, your environment, stresses, all of these are felt and realized by your baby. It’s time to give your baby the best chance possible at life.

I’ve given this plan to many pregnant moms that ended up with gestational diabetes and this literally saved them. I hope you will make the right choice to make the change before you are faced with any issues.

And congrats on your pregnancy, life is about to change and you will soon see what it feels like to have your heart living outside your body 🙂


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