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Feels like you’re wearing ‘Nothing at all!!

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The long awaited release of the same dry fit, stretchy material as the scrunch bum pants without the scrunch. This blend of material is the highest weight (grams per meter square) available in workout clothing. This is the main reason these pants are like a second skin and DO NOT move.

The lines are very flattering for the glutes,with a glute push up feature, the pants will hug your body like a second skin, stay dry and not move while you train. Moisture wicking and anti-bacterial properties.

Stop worrying about your pants riding up or down while you train, just focus on training!!

New and improved features:

Anti-ride up, no more camel-toe 🙂
Tummy Control, High Waist; (spanx like material built in to tighten around waist)
Low “v” design on bum to extenuate your shape with the sleek lines and push up the glutes!
Dry fit material so you never look like you peed yourself after a cardio session!!
Beautiful bright colors are sure to add a wow factor to your outfit
Affordable (although this is the reason most customers tell me they were hesitant to buy my pants (thinking cheap pants is cheap quality), I will not change what I stand by and that is that workout pants should not cost, $60, $80, or $100. Ive never payed that and I don’t think you need to either. Just think of the mark up those other companies make because you know my quality is better)
Workout in confidence knowing Skinnyroti has you covered!!

These have been a labor of love to create and I’m sure you’ll love them. Anytime I wear them I’m always getting asked where I purchased them or compliments on how good they look. Now it’s your turn!!

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Small, Medium, Large


Full Length, Capri


Pink, Navy Blue, Black, Purple

5 reviews for Second Skin: Yoga Pants

  1. Katelyn Halvorson (verified owner)

    These pants and capris are amazing! They are do soft and such nice quality. Move over lulu, skinnyroti is coming through.

    These are a must have staple in any ladies workout attire!!

  2. Shalini

    I got my pants from the West Coast Women’s show in October and these pants truly kick Lululemons any day! Best Buy ever!

  3. Jiven

    I live in these pants now. Way more comfortable and affordable than my lulus. I wear them for yoga as well and I love how they don’t move, they really do feel like second skin. Also I’ve machine washed and dried for months and quality maintains.

  4. Reena

    I bought 3 pairs of these pants, and I can honestly say they are the best workout pants I’ve owned! The control top sits at the perfect height, and I definitely didn’t realize how necessary it is when working out…it’s like it holds everything in without being suffocating, so it really helps if you’re a bit self-conscious when working out (no, I definitely don’t have a 6-pack!). The material feels phenomenal, definitely doesn’t end up see-through if you’re bending or lifting, and is breathable! Plus, my glutes look amazing! I didn’t know how much the type of workout pant you wear matters, but I definitely do now! Thanks SkinnyRoti!

  5. Simi Bhogal

    One of the best pair of pants I’ve ever worn. I squat a lot and they’re the best material I’ve ever worn. They’re so sturdy and the fit like a glove. They definitely show off all the curves any lady has worked hard. Highly recommend these pants!!! The pink is a bright pink and it’s just a unique colour. I have the navy blues as well. Definitely a good buy. I’ve purchased a lot of lululemons but Harj’s pants are a million times better.

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