Firmwear: Patented Full-Body Shaper



Firmwear: A body shaper that works for every shape. Accentuate your natural curves under any outfit. Made using breathable fabric with firm and flexible panels just where you need them. Bum lifting, tummy flattening, waist shaping, thigh smoothing and so much more.

Created using patented Nano Materials functional fabric, this full-body shaper actually improves your body functions in a variety of ways.Bioceramics are sealed within fabric & can not be washed out!! This includes Far Infared, Anion, Geranium and Nano Silver each with it’s own benefits!Shape your natural curves!

Added Benefits:


Far Infrared- stimulates cellular activity, boosts circulation, relieves pain and swelling, improves cellulite and increases collagen.

Anion-increases blood ciculation, speeds recovery, balances autonomic system, improves Atopic dermatitis and Psoriasis symptoms.

Geranium-Anti-inflammatory, emits far infrared rays, alleviates thermal stress.

Nano Silver- Blocks UV, UPF 50+ protection, anti-bacterial, anti-odour

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2 XL, 3XL


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