Insta-Waist SPORT

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The Power Fitness belt has arrived. Insta-Waist SPORT. Use it while doing yoga, cardio, lifting weights, and everyday wear as a top of the line lumbar support belt.

Material: Polyester, Spandex

Four ABS Plastic bones for support (our special and innovative design for maximum support available)

Adjustable compression for your maximum comfort

Hand wash, warm water. Hang to dry.


Cardio Belt

Power Lifting belt

Back Support belt

Posture correction

Waist trainer

Post Partum Recovery


Size is your usual shirt size. Easy!!



The Power Fitness belt has arrived!!!! The Insta-Waist SPORT. This multi-functional belt has several uses. Use it while doing yoga, cardio, lifting weights, or everyday wear as a top of the line lumbar support belt.


Cardio Belt

Power Lifting belt

Back Support belt

Posture correction

Waist trimmer

Post Partum Recovery



With it’s sturdy multi-layer fabric and high quality velcro closure, it adjusts perfectly to your body shape for the most comfortable fit. If worn while exercising it increases sweating and accelerates inches lost in the stomach and waist, all while protecting your spine and back throughout your workout.


It’s easy double layer velcro closure gets just as tight if not tighter than your standard power lifting belt but is easy to open and close, completely effortless.

It has 2 levels of adjustable compression built into 1 belt. It has the regular cardio belt as the inner most layer. The second layer is your adjustable compression for heavy lifts, to use why training to compress obliques from over-use (thickens your waist), for back support while driving or recovering from back injury or surgery.

It helps to keep your spine aligned and upright at all times. It’s use as a lumbar support belt is by far unmatched when compared to any other back support belts on the market. We dare to to find us  a better quality belt and we will 100% send you a refund. That confident!!


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S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Pink, Blue, Black

15 reviews for Insta-Waist SPORT

  1. Felicia Bagri (verified owner)

    I bought this product almost a year ago and still use it in my workouts! I love how much my core area is sweating after i take it off, its a great feeling. Fit is awesome fits true to size! It also provides me with great back support when im doing heavy lifts especially on leg day! If anyone is looking for a great training belt. Also definitely helps to keep your posture straight!

  2. Michelle Thiessen (verified owner)

    I’m a bodybuilder and have used the sports belt for years!, it reminds me to engage my core 360 degreee and gives me support for my back which I recently recovering from a herniated disk!. The belt keeps it shape and it’s ‘Velcro-ness’ over the years!, a staple in my gym bag!

  3. Nisha R (verified owner)

    I’ve done Harj’s 28 shred in the past and purchased this belt as back support while lifting and It has helped so much. I have had back issues since having my kids and this belt is amazing, super easy to use and clean I love it so much even my hubby has started using it now to, thank you Harj for this amazing product

  4. Lacey Kalvoda (verified owner)

    Extremely well made and comfortable material. It’s also great to fix your posture.
    I can feel my body breaking off a sweat (which is very good). Wear this to exercise in. Amazing quality, and good price!

  5. Gigi (verified owner)

    Bought this belt about a year ago and the absorption is great! The sizing is very tight so I would advise to size up if you are in between sizes. I use it mostly for cardio or if I’m lifting heavy deadlifts.

  6. Sarah

    I am so thankful for this. I was recently in an accident and it’s the only thing that gives me any sort of relief. It feels so secure on and doesn’t cause discomfort during long term usage unlike some of the other belts I’ve tried.

  7. Reena

    I have an old back injury that gets aggravated in the cold (because I inadvertently tense my back and shoulders), with longs periods of sitting, or any extra strain (i.e., when working out, lifting heavy objects). I was hesitant to try it, because I thought it was a typical “waist trainer” and not for me, but I was wrong! The Insta-Waist Sport supports my back in such a way that I am never achy if I’m wearing it, while being comfortable! I didn’t know such a thing existed!

  8. Sim (verified owner)

    Love it:) Helps me keep my back straight when lifting heavy.

  9. navneet

    I love it .it help a lot for back .you sweat extra which help to loose .

  10. Priya

    Best waist trainer EVER. After having a baby, was reluctant to try anything but once did this gave me so much support and motivation. Loved it

  11. Gagan Bratch

    Friends have raved about this belt and can’t wait to purchase one myself and enjoy the benefits!

  12. Ash

    Great for posture correction and had great results when used at the gym for cardio and weights!

  13. Navi N.

    Works wonders! Got rid of my back pain immediately and people are noticing the results. SOOOOO happy.

  14. Riyleen Chand

    I have bought a waist trainer for my mom previous and she loves it, now I am buying one for myself.

  15. Harj Hadani

    I was unable to sit for long periods, especially in a car, or go hiking anymore. This belt was a life saver as it immediately took pressure off my lower back and corrected posture. Totally recommend!!

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