28 Days To Tight and Toned:Home Training Guide

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149 pages with full descriptions and color pictures highlighting all the exercises. Download Instantly!



Welcome to your Metabolic Boosting Home Training Guide!!

This program was deigned and written by Mom of 2, Fitness Entrepreneur, International Bikini competitor, NASM Certified Elite Personal Trainer, and Certified Sports Nutritionist, Harj Hadani.

“If you’re stuck in a rut, and your metabolism has slowed down, this is the program to get your metabolism working for you again. Hours of cardio are not the answer. In just 30 minutes a day you will burn far more calories than cardio or weight training combined. This program is designed to get that fire burning again! Are you ready?! I hope you enjoy!” – Harj

> Years of yo-yo dieting, extreme dieting (cutting out food groups-BAD!!), lack of movement, hormones, lack of adequate nutrition, and aging are all factors in slowing down your metabolism.

>In 28 Days you will increase your metabolic rate by up to 80% through this comprehensive metabolic training.


>No equipment, no problem. In fact, your best cardio is done through HIIT (high intensity interval training). That is the ultimate fat burning tool (second only to a balanced diet). Along with putting on muscle and toning you are in a high metabolic state for hours after the training is complete, thus, burning fat for hours after training is complete.

> Full body workouts to train every body part throughout the week and lots and lots of movement and cardio

>Two separate core (ab) circuits to go between to strengthen that core giving you overall strength and agility. A strong and fit body always has a powerful core. Plus, who doesn’t love abs!! (These are especially beneficial to anyone that’s had babies)

>>>>> For the full metabolic increase you need to train as well as eat smaller more frequent meals. The 28 Day Detox & Shred is the best tool at increasing your metabolism and eating more to lose weight. It actually works like that. Eat more than ever before. Check out the testimonials and decide for yourself: http://skinnyroti.com/transformationstestimonials/

Remember weight loss is 2-fold, nutrition and training. Nutrition is far more important, not just for weight loss but for your overall health and the health of your family. Live disease free, and age with health.


2 reviews for 28 Days To Tight and Toned:Home Training Guide

  1. SB

    The night before I started the program I thought about reasons to quit. Starting the program was super easy to follow, easy to continue and not give up. The knowledge you take away from this program is life changing. Not only do you feel good physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Fast forward to three weeks after the program (completed) and my life is forever changed! Making a food choice is no longer scary or regretful- it’s healthy without even craving junk or crap food. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Harj!

  2. Harj Hadani (verified owner)

    I love the concept of doing things that you love. I think we often can get caught up in what we are supposed to do and for me, that inevitably feels like a chore. Sure, I do some exercises that aren’t my favorite but they don’t dominate my workout time. If I don’t enjoy a workout or a class, I know I will find excuses to not do it. I think having fun is also really important!

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