28 Days To Tight and Toned:Home Training Guide

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149 pages with full descriptions and color pictures highlighting all the exercises. Download Instantly!



Full home training guide. With instructional picture guide. You need minimum equipment. Mostly body weight we will take you through full toning and muscle building workouts along with cardio and conditioning. 28 Days to getting toned and tighten.

2 reviews for 28 Days To Tight and Toned:Home Training Guide

  1. SB

    The night before I started the program I thought about reasons to quit. Starting the program was super easy to follow, easy to continue and not give up. The knowledge you take away from this program is life changing. Not only do you feel good physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Fast forward to three weeks after the program (completed) and my life is forever changed! Making a food choice is no longer scary or regretful- it’s healthy without even craving junk or crap food. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Harj!

  2. Harj Hadani (verified owner)

    I love the concept of doing things that you love. I think we often can get caught up in what we are supposed to do and for me, that inevitably feels like a chore. Sure, I do some exercises that aren’t my favorite but they don’t dominate my workout time. If I don’t enjoy a workout or a class, I know I will find excuses to not do it. I think having fun is also really important!

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