Ditch the Quick Fix Diet


Whenever you see any type of get-skinny-fast diet , be wary. If I’ve said it once, then I’ve said it a thousand times — there is NO quick road to weight loss! No shortcuts, no secret pills, no magic potion. Want to lose weight and keep it off? The only way to is to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and track your calories in versus calories out.

With the majority of the fitness industry targeting you for every hard earned dollar everywhere you turn there is a new fix, 21-day, 30 day, 10 day master cleanse, Keto diet, etc. Especially now, knowing that January is peak season to get everyone in for the new years resolutions you need to be aware. Please.
Do you think doing a cleanse will rid your of your body fat? The only thing that detoxes your body is clean eating, nutrients that support your liver and kidneys and water. Stop eating processed crap and start eating whole, real foods. Thinking that drinking a concoction of lemon, syrup and cayenne pepper or drinking salt water and laxative tea, like the Master Cleanse, will “detoxify” your body and create permanent weight loss is completely inaccurate. I know people who have done the Master Cleanse and lost up to ten pounds in a week, but in a month they put ON 20 pounds. I refer to this as the life time “yo-yo dieter”: You starve your body for a period of time, and then when you start eating again, you put all that weight back on – and then some. You’re screwing with your metabolism and heart to boot and that’s dangerous.

Fasting actually signals to your body that you are in starvation mode. When you stop providing your body with nutrients it needs to survive your body releases hormones that will slow down your metabolism, cannibalize your muscles(eat muscle for energy), and store fat. Since fat is needed for survival to insulate our bodies, we store it. Muscle is expendable. So not only do you eat away at your muscle, (leaving you looking even rounder, softer, and bigger), your body becomes a champ at storing fat.

So although very appealing to lose 10 pounds in 10 days versus 10 pounds in 10 weeks there is only one way to lose weight (fat) and keep it off. You can continue to do these crazy fad diets (I’m not saying they don’t work but only short-term), and then gain back double the weight when you add real food back into your diet.
Or break the cycle permanently this year. How long is 10 weeks really if the weight loss is permanent? Stop wasting your money on these crazy shakes and no carb diets. Eating healthy is not starving. In fact, most my clients complain about how much food they have to eat and they feel like it will make them gain weight. When you eat real, whole food you can eat 2-3 times more than you can if you are eating processed junk.

This year commit to eating right. Even if not through me, do your own research and figure out your daily calorie intake and learn how to cook and eat clean. Without even hitting the gym I promise you that the fat loss will begin. It all begins and ends with what we put in our body. You think you can hide behind your fat and give me an excuse of bad health, bad knees, bad depression, no time, lack of energy and motivation. No. Your body shape does not lie so before lying to me think about why you are using these excuses to shield or make your bad eating habits acceptable. No matter what you are going through, you can still eat right, drop the junk.

There are many pills and foods that can help you to regain control of your hormones, accelerate fat loss, and build muscle. But none of these work if you don’t. So when you stop with the excuses you need to seek out a professional that is honest with you. Someone that teaches you how to eat for a long term lifestyle change, versus a quick 30 day fix.
Don’t wait for tomorrow start today, because tomorrow never comes.
End of rant!!

Goodnight peeps. And email me with any questions or to get started with me on your plan before the new year. We all have it in us, we just need to want the change more than we want to stay the same.

Love XOXO.



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