One of the best things about fitness is that it builds on you. Over time you will develop a mind muscle connection which will play a big role on how you perform your workouts. Now I see many people follow their workout programs to the exact detail. Most people have a set up of routines that consist of sets and reps for various body parts. Now is this routine absolute? Well here’s a little secret I will fill you guys in on. In fitness, there’s nothing absolute and everything is instinctual and relative to you. You need to learn to read the signs your body gives you. Lets say its Monday and your workout diary states that today you must train chest. You put your gym bag in the car and blast Metallica on the way to the gym. As you enter the gym you start getting this intense shoulder pain. We all know that shoulders are heavily used during chest workouts, and the pain isn’t going to let you have a great chest routine. So what should you do now? Well this is when you listen to your instincts and say no to chest. You then pick a body part that doesn’t involve shoulders and blast that body part. This will not only make insure you’re getting the best workout possible, but it will also save you from a serious injury. Learn to read your own body folks and you will be surprised how much your fitness results will improve. For any questions please email me at

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