The Power Fitness belt has arrived!!!!

Thank you once again for supporting me and believing in me.I have been testing this belt and altering it for comfort and effectiveness for 6 months now. Finally after I was happy with it, I sent it out to a select set of testers who ranged from a 230lb bodybuilder, who wore it as a power weight lifting belt to a 100lb tiny female who suffered greatly from back pain due to bad posture. A long distance truck driver with a fracture in his spine who swore it alleviated his back pain. There was a mom who started wearing it 3 weeks post delivery and it not only helped to push everything back in (muscles) but also helped with low back pain while nursing. Then there was me, wearing it day in and day out, while lifting weights and doing cardio. I found it very effective as a weight lifting belt, actually helping me to lift heavier as my core and spine felt very safe and secure. Then I would wear it against my skin while doing cardio for the sweat belt effect. The final product is here for you to enjoy. My second product and my fourth baby. I hope it helps everyone that uses it and benefits all. I have complete faith in it and I hope you do as well.


The Insta-Waist SPORT. This multi-functional belt has several uses. Use it while doing yoga, cardio, lifting weights, or everyday wear as a top of the line lumbar support belt.



Cardio Belt

Power Lifting belt

Back Support belt

Posture correction

Waist trainer

Post Partum Recovery


With it’s sturdy multi-layer fabric and high quality velcro closure, it adjusts perfectly to your body shape for the most comfortable fit. If worn while exercising it increases sweating and accelerates fat loss in the stomach and waist, all while protecting your spine and back throughout your workout.


Its easy velcro closure gets just as tight if not tighter than your standard power lifting belt but is easy to open and close, completely effortless.

It has 2 levels of belts built into 1. It has the regular cardio belt as the inner most layer. The second layer is your adjustable compression.

It helps to keep your spine aligned and upright at all times. Its use as a lumbar support belt is by far unmatched when compared to any other back support belts on the market.


Thank you once again for trusting me. Without you, who am I?









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