How to wear your Full-Body Shaper!

  1. Putting this on in 3 easy steps. First step get it on only over your legs and thighs. Bring up the material so it’s on comfortable-not stretched or pulling. Second step: put it on over over your butt. Make sure the open gussets are in proper place and it’s not pulling too tight in that area. Make sure the but lifter is on evenly so you get a symmetrical lift. Final and third step: pull it up over your abdomen and secure the straps.
  2. Remove or adjust the straps to fit under any outfit. Wear your own bra!
  3. Flattens your stomach and shapes your waist with triple tummy core control. Make sure the panels of power mesh fabric are cantered around your core.
  4. Use the eye hook closures and zipper to add support to the waist training feature.
  5. Epoxy leg design prevents rolling up. Make sure leg material is stretched out completely not to cause creasing.
  6. Open double gusset so easy to use restroom when nature calls.

Product Care:

Machine wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry.

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