How to Waist Train Effectively!

  1. We recommend gradually increasing your time of wear. Start around 1.5-2 hours for a few days. Slowly increase to 6-8 hours. Bodybuilding competitors will wear 10-12 hours/day for a few weeks before hitting the stage. Must wear everyday for 2-3 weeks to see results. Consistency is key!
  2. Don’t tighten it so much that it’s painful. Gradually go tighter.
  3. Like a new pair of shoes, the waist trainers flexible boning will slowly conform to your body shape. It usually takes 2-3 wears to “break it in”
  4. If you plan to waist train while sleeping (almost 50% of customers waist train at night), cinch it up to one hook looser than you would wear during the day.
  5. Tuck it in under your bra up at the top and tuck it into your bottoms for the most seamless look. Totally invisible!!
  6. Yes it can be worn during your period. In fact it helps to lessen the cramping and back pain as well as hides the bloating your stomach during your period.
  7. If you are wearing it during training or cardio apply some coconut oil on your skin before putting it on. This helps to accelerate sweating much like the “fat burning” creams do.
  8. Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum. You can search videos on Youtube on how to vacuum correctly. This helps so much in conjunction with your waist trainer to reduce the inches on your waist and strengthen your core.
  9. For Postpartum some moms wear them right away to help tighten the stretched skin and loosened muscles. Helps in preventing postpartum stretch marks. Please check with your Doctor as to when you can start waist training.
  10. Your waist will shrink with waist training. There’s no doubt. But you won’t drop fat. That is only done through diet and exercise so please use this as a tool in your journey to a healthier you in conjunction with diet and training. Drinking 2-3 litres of water daily is a great start!

STEP-By-Step Video: How to measure and wear–zDw


Hand wash for increasing life of fabric. Machine washable, gentle cycle. Hang to dry. Garment must be washed every 2-3 wears as it will shrink back to it’s original size after washing.

Firmwear by Skinnyroti: FAQ’s

  1. Where should I measure for best fit?

Measure just like you do for a bra-extremely tight right under the bust. Then use that number and find your size on our size chart.

2. What if I’m in between size?

Always size down to smaller size. That way you have 3-4” to lose before you need a smaller size.

3. How should I put it on?

We recommend starting at the very bottom hook and one by one working your way up to the top hook. Remember tags are up so don’t wear it upside down. Putting it on in a mirror can be helpful.

4. My bust is already too big, I don’t want the push up or it’s pushing up back fat.

Easy, just don’t do up the top 2-4 hooks.

5. Will the waist trainer actually shrink my waist?

Yes, but only if you waist train. Wearing the waist trainer occasionally under your clothes is great for that immediate curvy and snatched look. But to actually shrink your waist you must consistently waist training starting at 2 hours day working up to 8 hours/day. Try this for 2 weeks and results will be there!!

6. Can I waist train at night while I sleep?

Absolutely. Fifty percent of our customers wear the waist trainer to sleep in. Just remember to loosen it up 1 set of hooks more than you would wear during the day.

7. Will this shift my organs?

You are mistaking the waist trainer for a corset. Corsets and some waist trainers are built with zero flexibility-those kinds are hard to breath in, you’d never be able to exercise in them or wear them for more than 2 hours/day. Our waist trainers are completely flexible with all flexible boning and materials

8. Can I workout in it?

Yes!! It actually helps to cut bloat in our abdominal area because of the thermogenic effects of training in it. Top fitness models will use our waist trainers to get ready for photo shoots or competing in bodybuilding shows and pagents. Wear it during cardio, weight lifting and even yoga!

9. Will it help tighten my loosened skin?

Yes. That’s why we recommend wearing it throughout your weight loss journey or immediately post pregnancy

10. How does it help with back pain or injury?

It gently supports your entire spine while at the same time correcting your posture forcing you to slowly start using muscles you’ve let go through hunching over from poor posture or injury. It’s a great rehabilitation tool. Some customers can’t drive or workout without the waist trainer on.

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