Here’s some tips on surviving a big fat Indian wedding (just example) since it is wedding season and we all fall prey and end up gaining all the weight back with just 1 or 2 wedding in the summer. These rules apply not just to weddings but any function that takes you out of your normal routine. I preach and live balance so if it’s a one day event, enjoy yourself. But if it’s like an Indian wedding which is a week long event, save yourself.

1. Always eat before the function. Whether that’s in the parking lot before going into the temple for the wedding or in the lobby of the reception hall. If you are full on your own food you will avoid munching on the calorie laden and definitely not nutritious appetizers.

2. Always keep extra protein shakers in your car ready to just add water too. You still want to get in your protein every 3 hours. Also take some protein bars into party of wedding in your handbag. I find that while everyone is busy having appetizers and desserts I will have some tea (no sugar) and a protein bar. This way I’m eating something I enjoy and I might just have 2 or 3 of these. Buy some nice fancy flavors for yourself.

3. Keep a cooler in your vehicle with at least 2-3 meals depending on how long you plan to be out. I will always take 1 meal of my protein only into a reception. Then at dinner I will pick out the my carbs-rice or naan, fill my plate with veggies and fruits, get some extra protein on your plate-butter chicken or chick peas, whatever you desire. When you get back to your table add in your protein to the party food, mix and enjoy. This is your meal out. It will likely be very high in sodium so you will get bloated and hold water.

4. Drink a lot. Ok, not the alcohol because well, you can either have a hot body or liquor-not both. But water, so important with all the high salty foods you’re eating to prevent bloating. I like to get carbonated water from the bar and have them add a splash of cranberry or some other flavor you enjoy. That way you’re enjoying a drink as well.

5. It’s best not to skip meals during the day just so you can eat whatever you want at night. I hear clients telling me this all the time. One of the worst things you can do is go into an event starving, blood sugar crashed and your body looking for high sugary carbs. Eat throughout the day. But I would recommend maybe saving most of your carbs for the night if you really want to enjoy naan breads and rice or pasta etc. Also by eating mostly protein and fats throughout the day your body will stay leaner so you can rock that outfit with a flat stomach.

6. If you are traveling out of town for the event you’ll need to cook up your protein in bulk. Ziplocs will be your friend, weigh and measure your protein into bags and freeze night before traveling. This way it stay cold through transit and can go straight in the fridge at your destination. Also weigh and pack your morning oatmeal, take rice cakes for clean carbs, nut butter for easy fats and dont forget to pack your protein powder. I usually fill up a big freezer ziploc with protein powder. Things like milk, fruit, veggies and even rice can be purchased at your destination.

7. Since the wedding festivities are usually spread out over 4-5 days prior to the actual wedding make sure on those days you eat your meals and only those. Only allow yourself to enjoy one day just like a regular refeed day.

8. Drink Dandelion root tea before, during, and after. To get all the water weight of you before so you are nice and trim for event, and after because you will have endulged one night and you don’t want to hold that water.

9. Don’t mind the haters. The old aunties, the cousins that just need a drinking partner, or your mom that says “it’s ok just one night”. Keep your own goals in mind and realize what is important to you. Really eating your food at social events is amazingly empowering. Its connects you to your goal and gives you a new found confidence. And if your grandma just won’t let up you can always say your having food sensitivities or allergies and must eat your own food-that always stops the insisting relatives.

10. Post big fat wedding when you return to training don’t just go do an hour of cardio trying to burn off the crap you ate. No. Use that extra fuel to destroy a big muscle group workout-so legs, back or chest. Whatever you want to grow the most. Post workout do 1/2 of cardio and maybe hit the sauna just to sweat out the extra water.

Enjoy yourself always, in moderation, and within your new lifestyle and the new habits you’ve created for yourself.

Have a great weekend!!



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