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100+ Resistance Band Exercises!

Thank you for taking action to continuously make yourself better. Here at Skinnyroti we strive to help everyone make the most of there workouts. We’re excited to share these free workouts with you. We hope that these exercises will help you maximize your workout... read more

All you need to know about Post-Workout Nutrition.

For muscle to grow, it must be stimulated. Have you been hitting the gym religiously but still find you can’t put on any muscle? Weight training is said to be the best way to stimulate your muscles for growth. After your muscles have been stimulated, they need... read more

Top 10 Fitness Tips For Busy Moms

Life is busy, and even more so once you become a mom. On top of trying to make time for your relationship, friendships, career and home, you now have little people depending on you for every step of their growth and development. You can see why taking time for you,... read more

Insta Waist SPORT Now Available

BUY NOW The Power Fitness belt has arrived!!!! Thank you once again for supporting me and believing in me.I have been testing this belt and altering it for comfort and effectiveness for 6 months now. Finally after I was happy with it, I sent it out to a select set of... read more

A Beginners Guide To Working Out

Gym Tips for Beginners The gym can be a terrifying place for a beginner. Fraught with its own social etiquette not to mention the terrifying notion that everyone is staring at you, and then second-guessing yourself wondering if you are even doing correctly. It’s... read more

Beginners Guide to Waist Training

BUY NOW The Ultimate Guide I’ve been there. Sitting on the fence debating if this waist training is just the new fad all thanks to Kim Kardashian or if it really works. You all know my story and how I discovered for myself that this works. There is so much information... read more

New Year, New You. Permanent Weight Loss.

Take this advice from someone who has already tried and tested so many diets and gimmicks; Low- carb, keto, juicing, fasting, high cardio, aerobic classes, starving myself, protein only diets, fat loss pills, fat burning creams!! Just take my word and save yourself... read more

Trouble Losing Weight?

My Article published in the Punjabi Patrika News!! Are you having trouble losing weight? No matter what you try you cannot lose the fat in your stomach? It is not your fault, it’s not because you are aging, and it’s not your metabolism. The problem could be in your... read more

Permanent Weight Loss

Ditch the Quick Fix Diet Whenever you see any type of get-skinny-fast diet , be wary. If I’ve said it once, then I’ve said it a thousand times — there is NO quick road to weight loss! No shortcuts, no secret pills, no magic potion. Want to lose weight and keep it off?... read more

Work out the Right Way!!

My top 5 tips for today. 1. Less focus on the weight and stop using momentum. You are trying to grow your muscle, not move weight from A-B. Make the muscle work instead of making the exercise easier because you’re focused on the weight. 2. Concentrate on the... read more

Get fit without trying: My unconventional methods?!

So sure, it’s ideal to get in a workout at the gym, or wake up before the kids get up and burn some calories doing cardio. Right? Well, I understand that there are days for everyone where it is just not possible. Especially with this cold and flu season upon us... read more

Why All Women Need to Weight Lift

Top 10 Reasons Every Women Should Lift Weights For every woman that contacts me to lose weight, I’d say that easily, 98% of you have the same concern. “I want to lose weight, tone up, but I don’t want to look muscular”. So, against my advice, and that of anyone that... read more

Mind-Muscle Connection

INSTINCTUAL TRAINING One of the best things about fitness is that it builds on you. Over time you will develop a mind muscle connection which will play a big role on how you perform your workouts. Now I see many people follow their workout programs to the exact... read more

Weight Lifting Vs Cardio

Muscle building burns more fat than your cardio routine. When people come up to me and say “I just want to burn fat, and that’s why I do cardio” or ” I don’t want to get bulky and that’s why I don’t want to build... read more

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