Nutritional Tips

In order to avoid this crash, your lunch should include some complex carbohydrates like potato/sweet potato, rice, oatmeal, chick peas, and quinoa. You also need to eat frequently, every 2 to 3 hours. Yours meals should be balanced so your body is not lacking any nutrients and spiking your insulin levels which are the cause of cravings. Each meal should contain protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.
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All you need to know about Post-Workout Nutrition.

For muscle to grow, it must be stimulated. Have you been hitting the gym religiously but still find you can’t put on any muscle? Weight training is said to be the best way to stimulate your muscles for growth. After your muscles have been stimulated, they need... read more

How to Survive a Big Fat Indian Wedding

Here’s some tips on surviving a big fat Indian wedding (just example) since it is wedding season and we all fall prey and end up gaining all the weight back with just 1 or 2 wedding in the summer. These rules apply not just to weddings but any function that... read more

Permanent Weight Loss

Ditch the Quick Fix Diet Whenever you see any type of get-skinny-fast diet , be wary. If I’ve said it once, then I’ve said it a thousand times — there is NO quick road to weight loss! No shortcuts, no secret pills, no magic potion. Want to lose weight and keep it off?... read more

Break up with your addictive food habits

I believe that you need to realize that your food cravings are a result of your own eating habits. You need to understand the science behind your addiction and only then can you outsmart your brain and start the process of slowly eliminating these foods, and end the... read more

Fueling your Workouts

What to eat before and after a workout Are you ready to hit the gym? Do you question what is the best food to fuel your workout? How about post workout? All the guys that look like they know what they are doing are drinking or eating something as they exit the gym.... read more

Top 10 Snacks to help fight cravings.

1. Nut butter. Any type of nut butter; almond butter or peanut butter for example. These are available now in little packets that you can keep in your desk or car. Just eat one if the cravings are coming on really bad. The healthy fats I find are great at curbing your... read more

5 Sources of Plant Protein

1. Spirulina & Chlorella Spirulina, Chlorella and the algae family has recently been getting more and more attention as a superfood that delivers a wide variety of nutrients and helps rid our body of heavy metals. What many people don’t know is that it is an... read more

Vegeterian Sources of Protein

Vegetarian Sources of Protein 1. Whole Grains and Quinoa Whole grains are a great source of protein, but the queen of whole grains when it comes to protein content is quinoa. Just one cup of cooked quinoa contains 18 grams of protein, as well as nine grams of fiber.... read more

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