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I’ve been there. Sitting on the fence debating if this waist training is just the new fad all thanks to Kim Kardashian or if it really works. You all know my story and how I discovered for myself that this works. There is so much information online about waist training and so confusing to navigate it all. So I am summing it up for you here.

What is Waist Training?

Are you unsure exactly what waist training is? Well, no one should purchase a waist trainer without knowing this. Waist training is a process that involves wearing a latex waist trainer (sort of like a corset) to cinch your waistline. It’s used to give women the hourglass curvy figure with a really small waist. Your hips and glutes will remain full and curvy but waist will look tiny. The process does not happen instantly for the permanent shape change. It does instantly give you that shape while your are wearing the trainer.
Is it Permanent?
More permanent results that can be seen long after your trainer is off will take 4-6 weeks to achieve. But, if you stop wearing your waist trainer for a long period of time your waist will slowly return to it’s original shape unless you have been exercising and eating right.
How often should I wear it?
You don’t have to wear it all hours of the day but in the beginning I recommend 4-8 hours. Once you achieve the waist size that you are happy with you will no longer need to wear for long periods but just a few hours a day like a maintenance phase.
Not every Waist is the same.
The best advice I can give on measuring yourself for the correct size for this to work is to measure the smallest part of your torso. For some it may be at your belly button, an inch above it, an inch below. For most women I find the smallest part is right under your bust line where your torso begins. Then make sure keep your measuring tape tight and straight all around.
Are all waist trainers the same?
Absolutely not. I have tried so many over the last year. From the $300 ones to the $50 ones. Some are so tight you can’t breathe, others are good for under clothing but you can’t train in them because they constrict your breathing. Others are made poorly and fall apart after a few washes. Look for real companies with real life testimonials. If you have an opportunity to try it one that is good but you won’t really know how it feels to run in or sit at your desk in. I know with mine, as soon as my clients put it on the first thing they say is “I can’t believe how comfortable it is.” As a daily gym buff and busy mom, comfort was at the top of my list when I designed this.
What to look for?
Look for steel boning (check how thick it is as this is what gives it strength and good structure. Look for one that is adjustable so that you don’t have to buy a new one every inch you lose. Look for a comfortable lining and of course, latex for the accelerated fat loss.
Unfortunately it’s a tough decision, you will live and learn. But don’t give up after one bad experience. There are good ones out there.
Best way to wear it?
For mine make sure your tag is at the top. Now, if your waist trainer is loose at the bottom but tight at the top, flip it around. You are wearing it upside down. It should be very tight to get on. This gets easier after a few days as you break in the boning to your shape. It will contour to your curves and the hooks get easier to put on.
I recommend starting at the bottom and doing up your hooks moving up along the torso. I stand in front of a mirror so that I can see the hooks over my chest.
It Relocates fat?
Yes, it will push your lower belly and back fat down temporarily to your glutes. Nice!! But it also pushes upper back and tummy fat up above your trainer. I counter this pretty easily. I make sure my bra is on top of the waist trainer then I double it up with a sports bra or tank top. At the bottom, make sure you tuck your underwear inside it but wear your pants or skirt over top of it.
Yes, machine wash every day if you need to. A good trainer should be able to handle that. Hang to dry. If you don’t wash it I find it starts to stretch on you and I actually finds it’s nice tight shape reappears again after washing.
Doctor recommended?
So the number one question is will this cause my organs any harm? I will not get into this too much. I will say that there are studies of women (Guinness World Record holder(smallest waist), wife of physician) that have been waist training for decades and x-rays are available . All available through a simple google search.

I know first-hand that my waist trainer is recommended and sold from a plastic surgeons office that recommends and expects his post tummy tuck and lipo-suction clients to wear for 6 months to 1 year. (This is very normal at any plastic surgeons office for these procedures). They are also recommended for many women postpartum by their OB for helping to tighten and strengthen up the core muscles while also helping to tighten the loose skin.
This is not by any means medical advice. If you are still hesitating I always say be comfortable otherwise you will not enjoy the experience. Ask your doctor their opinion and if it’s right for you.

Insta-Waist Trainer Before After

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer them.

Good night my lovely friends. Happy waist training.


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