About Me

Who am I? That is a good question. I am still trying to figure it out. I am…..older, married with two kids, stay at home mompreneur and student.
My greatest achievements in life thus far are my children. My daughter is four and my son is two. I have somehow turned into the typical soccer mom, only I do it all wearing heels! My life is currently consumed with running kids from one activity to another lesson, from pre-school drop-off to kindergarten pick-up.
Whether it is busy with kids or a full-day working 9 to 5, it is really difficult to plan and prepare healthy meals. I am a health nut; I try to eat as many clean meals as possible and workout five days per week. After struggling to find a healthy balance in all things life throws my way I feel like I have found a solution that works for my life.

I started my food blogging journey on Insatagram. It was there that I realized how many other people are in the same struggle as me. Trying to raise kids, hold down jobs, pursue their passions, and just enjoy life. All while having six pack abs!! What connected me with so many of you is our love for food and passion for being fit and healthy.

You really don’t need to deprive yourself to eat healthy. As soon as you feel deprived it becomes a “diet”. Diets have expiry dates and you will continue to yo-yo “diet” and beat yourself up for not being strong enough. Learn how to make healthy substitutions to your current favorite foods first. Small steps will get you there. Learn what alterations and substitutions you have to make to your current ingredients.Incorporate being healthy in your life and the weight loss will follow. Check out my healthy substitutions page to get started now.

Check out my Instagram for my weekly meal preparation methods and a synopsis of my daily diet.

Try my methods and hopefully I can help out some struggling busy women or men lead a healthier, happier life.
-xoxo Harj

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