My story is different to most.  I have always been slender and active however after moving countries about 12 years ago, I started putting on weight.  No matter what I did, I just could not shift the kilos.

My background is that I am vegetarian and I have almost always eaten organic or biodynamic food.  I didn’t eat junk – no chips, crisps, fast-food, icecream.  My occasional treat was a piece or two of organic chocolate.  I worked out religiously – and I mean rigorous workouts.  Heavy weight training alternating with high-intensity cardio and power yoga, one and a quarter hours, 6 days a week.  I followed the P90X and Insanity Programs.  In addition I was completely off refined sugar as well, but no matter what I did I was steadily putting on weight.  It was not noticeable as the weight crept on slowly – about a kilo or two a year, and before I knew it I was looking and feeling bloated, none of my old clothes fit and I was despondent.

Over the years, I have used Weight Watchers (as I thought maybe I was eating too much) or the Juicing diet (I was on ONLY fresh organic juice for 10 days).  The juicing sorted out my other health issues but I only lost one kilo in 10 days and put it on straight away when I started eating again!  No matter what I did, I would see results for a week or two and then I would steadily start putting on again.  Discipline was not an issue for me, I just did not know what further action to take.  I was at my wits end when I stumbled upon Harj’s Shred Program.  I was not convinced that this would work for me as I had tried so many things in the past without success.  Then Harj posted the stories of the January participants on FaceBook and it piqued my interest.  I applied for February and decided to give it my best.

When I saw the amount of food we were going to eat, I was sure that this would not work for me.  It was almost double of what I had been eating before.  I told Harj that I was sure I would put on and she kept assuring me that I would not.  Harj’s program is the easiest “diet” I have ever done.  I did not have any substantial changes to my food (as I was eating really well before).  I learnt about what to eat and when.  Within the first week I started noticing a change in my measurements.  I was very wary and decided not to get too eager however, week by week I have continued to lose weight and tone up.  I must say that during the last few months, I have worked out sporadically – maybe only a day a week.  I was fed up of exercising and my body was just tired, however the most amazing thing is that I still lost weight!  While I was on the program, Harj answered all my questions and provided a lot of encouragement when I felt a little down during the slow weeks.  I didn’t know how far I’d come until I saw the before and after photos side by side.  Harj has been fantastic and I cannot thank her enough for putting together a program that is so easy to follow and so effective.

Somehow, this program just works.  It easily fits into your lifestyle and you never feel deprived as you never really feel hungry.  It has become a way of life for me and I can totally recommend it to anyone who is looking to losing weight and becoming healthy.”

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