28 Day Transformations

Down 11.5 lbs, 4″ waist, 4.5″ hips                                         Harj, these past 28 days have been literally life changing. I want to say thanks for helping me this month I’ve seen such a huge difference especially in my weight which has dropped 11lbs! Eating right and drinking plenty of water helped me lift heavier at the gym as it gave me more energy everyday. I’m really glad I decided to start my year off with this challenge. It was nice having you there for support everyday, you always replied to my emails and questions. Even the emails you regularly sent us with information were so interesting to read and really helped me to understand the fundamentals behind weight loss. Throughout this challenge I’ve learned that consistency is key. It was tough getting started but now at the end of it I can see that it was so worth it! Meal prepping has become a routine and drinking over 4L of water feels so good. You did a great job with this plan! For anyone wanting to lose weight, or looking for the motivation to start I highly recommend this shred! I loved it! thanks so much Harj!

When I initially signed up to do the 28 day shred, I was ready for a change. I committed myself to the supplements and diet, although, I found that having to eat every 3 hours difficult in the initial stage. I went cold turkey off the caffeine and when I did partake, I chose to do so without any type of sweetener. During the 28 day shred, I found that the initial weight loss was in big numbers and as the food changed the numbers slowed down for me. I started to noticed that I was feeling a lot more comfortable in the clothes I was wearing and at times, they seemed a bit baggy. Although, you can look at my exterior and not notice huge changes in the way I look, but, I feel so much better and continue to lose lbs and inches. I have to say that it can be a struggle but,that is reality and life. I know that it will take time to look at myself and see a changed person but I am truly still committed and will continue on with this lifestyle change.

So first off I want to say thank you! This program has been a huge life changer, a lot of the recipes are so easy to make and the whole plan is so easy to follow! This whole program has been a learning curve and taught me my own potential! I’m super excited to carry this forward, and I know I will be able to follow most of this easily in my daily life.

The shred was a lot easier then I had thought. It was very straight forward and I loved how all my meals were planned out for me. I will definitely be continuing on with this plan. Thank you for all your support!

Firstly THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I needed this program to see some results and you definitely delivered. I’ve been working out for a while but the stubborn fat wasn’t melting away like I wanted and I knew meal prep had to change but you gave me the tools I needed and i’m super happy. Still more progress until I get those 6 pack abs but with the eating plan it’s easy enough that i’m just going to continue it and it so easy to incorporate as part of the lifestyle. I needed some help to get to my goals I have been striving for and this was the best program to show me that I needed to change my eating even if I thought I was doing it right before. Hubby did the challenge for 2 weeks before heading to Mexico and lost almost 8lbs and I think about 8 inches all round. He’s been back and doing it with me as much as he can, this is the slimmest he’s been but still built since I’ve known him.

My story is different to most. I have always been slender and active however after moving countries about 12 years ago, I started putting on weight. No matter what I did, I just could not shift the kilos.
My background is that I am vegetarian and I have almost always eaten organic or biodynamic food. I didn’t eat junk – no chips, crisps, fast-food, icecream. My occasional treat was a piece or two of organic chocolate. I worked out religiously – and I mean rigorous workouts. Heavy weight training alternating with high-intensity cardio and power yoga, one and a quarter hours, 6 days a week. I followed the P90X and Insanity Programs. In addition I was completely off refined sugar as well, but no matter what I did I was steadily putting on weight. It was not noticeable as the weight crept on slowly – about a kilo or two a year, and before I knew it I was looking and feeling bloated, none of my old clothes fit and I was despondent.
Over the years, I have used Weight Watchers (as I thought maybe I was eating too much) or the Juicing diet (I was on ONLY fresh organic juice for 10 days). The juicing sorted out my other health issues but I only lost one kilo in 10 days and put it on straight away when I started eating again! No matter what I did, I would see results for a week or two and then I would steadily start putting on again. Discipline was not an issue for me, I just did not know what further action to take. I was at my wits end when I stumbled upon Harj’s Shred Program. I was not convinced that this would work for me as I had tried so many things in the past without success. Then Harj posted the stories of the January participants on FaceBook and it piqued my interest. I applied for February and decided to give it my best.
When I saw the amount of food we were going to eat, I was sure that this would not work for me. It was almost double of what I had been eating before. I told Harj that I was sure I would put on and she kept assuring me that I would not. Harj’s program is the easiest “diet” I have ever done. I did not have any substantial changes to my food (as I was eating really well before). I learnt about what to eat and when. Within the first week I started noticing a change in my measurements. I was very wary and decided not to get too eager however, week by week I have continued to lose weight and tone up. I must say that during the last few months, I have worked out sporadically – maybe only a day a week. I was fed up of exercising and my body was just tired, however the most amazing thing is that I still lost weight! While I was on the program, Harj answered all my questions and provided a lot of encouragement when I felt a little down during the slow weeks. I didn’t know how far I’d come until I saw the before and after photos side by side. Harj has been fantastic and I cannot thank her enough for putting together a program that is so easy to follow and so effective.
Somehow, this program just works. It easily fits into your lifestyle and you never feel deprived as you never really feel hungry. It has become a way of life for me and I can totally recommend it to anyone who is looking to losing weight and becoming healthy.”





I’m so happy I started because it has become my life style.
I thank you for your support and encouragement. I was able to continue my clean eating habits and my current weight is 146lbs and I haven’t been able measure myself. Thank you so much for all your support and push for a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. I definitely feel a lot better,Thank you so much for all your support these last 4 weeks, it has been great!

Thank you so much for the encouraging words. You are so amazing. Your facebook posts inspire me. As I said before you are my mentor and I am so happy I did your program. It has changed my life in so many positive ways. So thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I appreciated the course and you have taught me so much.

I have learned so much in these last 28 days! I know i still have a lot of work to do, and I think in the past I just expected things to happen quickly and would get discouraged that I wasn’t seeing the results quick enough.I never thought I could give up desserts. I literally was the girl who needed something sweet after dinner every single night! It was tough the first week, but now I hardly even crave it! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much Harj. I’ve truly learnt that this isn’t a diet, like you’ve said, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not nearly as difficult as I’ve always told myself it would be. Your program is so doable. My progress was ALL solely based on diet. Going into this I told myself I’d be ecstatic if I got below 140, which I haven’t been in 7 years and I did it 😊When I see my friends they ask if I’m done with the diet and I say I’m not, it’s a lifestyle. This is the biggest thing this taught me. I didn’t think before about what I was putting into my body. I just thought I could eat like I did in my late 20’s and early 30’s and not gain weight. The plan is really easy to follow. I’ve lost an additional 1.5 lbs in the last 2 weeks!! Thank you for changing my body and mind!

I do see the difference and it is totally motivating me to be a fit mom! And to have that energy to be active with kids! I used to eat under 1000 calories a day and hardly any carb I cannot describe to you how much more energy and human I feel eating more than less and still managing to lose. Thanks for all the advise during the process. I’m hoping to continue with this process till I reach my goal Your program is soo great for a total lifestyle change. It has really changed my life. Now that I know what my body feels like when I fuel it with good whole foods. I can definitely tell when I eat junk food. Which makes it so much easier to be on the healthier side of eating and curbing the cravings. Thank you again.

I’m very happy with the results and I feel way better than I was feeling before I started. I’ve learned a lot from the program. I can appreciate that doing the program for 28 days really gives the opportunity to develop proper habits.


Down 7.8 Lbs, 4.5″ waist, 3″ hips-28 Days!!                                           SkinnyRoti’s weight loss program has changed my life! In 28 days I have noticed a huge difference.  I have more energy, no longer need to drink coffee ( I use to drink 3 cups a day) and most importantly I can see the change in my body in just 28 days! I have learned so much about eating the right foods, the importance of supplements and water intake. This is not a diet its a a lifestyle change for me.  I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to see where I can take my body next. Thank you Harj for sharing all your motivation and knowledge!!

Down 3.5 lbs, 4.5″ waist, 3.5″ hips                                                            My experience with this shred program has been amazing! When I signed up I was nervous at first thinking how I would have to cut out all the things I loved eating and that I would basically starve. Once Harj sent over the meal plan I was amazed at to what the options were ! So much food ! I feel amazing inside out !

Down 24.4 lbs, 6″ waist, 2″ hips-28 Days                                   At first I signed up for a challenge and within days I soon realized this shred challenge is a lot more. This was a lifestyle change and the knowledge and education received throughout challenge was invaluable. I cannot thank her enough, she went the extra mile and answered all questions, at times i felt some were stupid but she assured me no such thing as stupid questions, she was there every step of the way to support and assist me in this journey.  The transformation has been remarkable dropping inches and weight. I know so much more about nutrition and what a balanced diet should be. Best part about challenge was I EAT MORE than ever:) who would think that when you trying to drop weight:)

Down 7.2lbs, 3″ waist, 2.5″ hips-28 Days!!                                    I found the program very easy to follow and am absolutely thrilled with the progress I made in 28 days. Even though I had to make adjustments and didn’t follow it 100% some days.. I was amazed with the weight and inch loss I achieved in only 28Days. I have been trying to loose weight for the last one year but didn’t manage to drop more then 5-6 pounds all year. The program not only changed the number on the scale, it has changed the shape and form of my body. Everyone around me has noticed the change and it feels great. I feel great too!! Lots of energy, no cravings, and def something I plan to continue!! Thank you Harj from the bottom of my heart!!

Down 8.8 lbs, 4″ waist, 9″ hips                    Just wanted to say thank you for everything you have taught me in just 28 days, I feel great!! At first when I signed up I thought it was going to be about meals and what to eat, but it was definitely more than that. You provided regular emails with so much knowledge and support. There is so much I have learned and am looking forward to this lifestyle change and seeing further results.

Down: 31.8 lbs, 4″waist, 8″hips-In 28 Days                               Harj: I can not thank you enough! growing up i saw my mom take care of others and not so much herself but because I want to learn from that. My main reason to lose weight is not the aesthetic aspect. I want to be healthy for my kids, the time i never got with my mom is time i hope to make up with my future kids. I really appreciate your time and efforts and how genuine you are. I’m a SkinnyRoti success story!!

Down: 4 lbs, 4″ waist, 6″ hips                                         SkinnyRoti gave me a daily reminder about prepping meals, challenging me to more water and more exercise. She also made me feel human so that it was ok to let go one day and to jump right back on with the program. I am happy to have been coached by her as I have learnt so much from her and these 4 weeks made a life changing turn for me in terms of nutrition and food. No empty calories for me anymore and I know how to cook for myself as well as for my family. Her products such as the insta-waist shaper also helped me lose inches around my waist. I wish she would stay my fitness coach for life! Love her positivity and approach to looking fit and healthy!

Down 5. lbs, 3.8″waist, 1.5″ hips In 28 Days!!!

Down 7 lbs and 3″ waist!!                                                          I just want to say thank you for guiding me in the right direction…I needed a boost in my eating habits and needed to know what balance of food types need to go together. I know I may have not done completely well. ..but losing those few inches has motivated me to keep going forward.
Thank you for the guidance along the way as well. It’s good to know that you have someone who can guide you and tell you what you need to do better and show you the ropes. So thank you for that.

Down 7.2 lbs 6″ waist, 3.5″ hips                                         First off, I would like to thank Harj for being such an inspiration and awesome coach. Her 28day detox shred was amazing. Why… someone will ask.. well her plan didn’t starve you like other diets. If anything I was always full. Her guidance has helped me in a drastic way. It’s changed my lifestyle for the better and plan on continuing to do so. I was not happy with my body composition but once I started to see a difference I felt more determined to continue and not give up. Her meals & snacks were delicious. All her recipes I will continue to use. Harj was always replying to emails and any questions I may have had. She’s definitely an inspiration to me. She shows women like me that where there’s a will there’s a way… and for me, well my way was the Skinnyroti 28Day Detox Shred!!!!! Thank you so much Harj aka Skinnyroti

Thanks to your 28 day shred I finally saw a positive change. I lost over 10 lbs and inches all over! Honestly though, I felt so much better emotionally and I was finally more comfortable in my body. Thanks to you,  I feel like I have jump started my personal road to healing. In turn, this will make me a better, stronger mother, role model and wife to my beautiful family. Thank you so much Harj! I am excited to continue improving in the months to come and making this new life, mine forever.

This shred has been a great push in the right direction for a massive lifestyle change. Harj has been nothing but supportive and has motivated me to just keep going. I have learned so much this past month about my body, nutrition, and how everything works together. I feel greater than I ever have and am well on my way to achieving my goals. 
At first it was hard to eat so many meals and drink so much water, but in the end my favourite meals have become ones that are so healthy for you, and the meals and water are easy to take down.

“Now  28 days later I’m 10 pounds down and 15 inches lost! Her plan was easy to follow and I never believed that I would have to eat 6 times a day and I could still lose weight. With Harj’s support and motivation I have began the journey to being healthy and happy. My favorite part of her plan was the variety she offered. Rather than eating salads six times a day I got to eat a whole variety of meals. Today, I’m happy not afraid of the scale and I can’t wait to see where I will be in another 2 months. I Highly recommend this plan to anyone out there that wants a lifestyle change. Harj is amazing and she knows what she is doing. Thank you again Harj you are a true inspiration and I wish you nothing but success.”

Pooonam is a strict vegetarian and came to me after years of failed diet attempts. We put her on the 28 Day Detox & Shred and through diet alone she has done this. No more diabetes, PCOS, blood sugar has stabilized. She’s a mom of 3 and she finally has energy and no cravings anymore for sweets! Good job Poonam. Proud of you.

Just 7 Days in this beauty is killing the 28 Day Detox. No more sugar cravings and learning about healthy eating was always the goal!!