How to Survive a Big Fat Indian Wedding

Here’s some tips on surviving a big fat Indian wedding (just example) since it is wedding season and we all fall prey and end up gaining all the weight back with just 1 or 2 wedding in the summer. These rules apply not just to weddings but any function that takes you out of your normal routine. I preach and live balance so if it’s a one day event, enjoy yourself. But if it’s like an Indian wedding which is a week long event, save yourself. 1. Always eat before … Continue reading →

A special Transformation Tuesday for this lady!

            My story is different to most.  I have always been slender and active however after moving countries about 12 years ago, I started putting on weight.  No matter what I did, I just could not shift the kilos. My background is that I am vegetarian and I have almost always eaten organic or biodynamic food.  I didn’t eat junk – no chips, crisps, fast-food, icecream.  My occasional treat was a piece or two of organic chocolate.  I worked out religiously – and I mean … Continue reading →

Top 10 Fitness Tips For Busy Moms

Life is busy, and even more so once you become a mom. On top of trying to make time for your relationship, friendships, career and home, you now have little people depending on you for every step of their growth and development. You can see why taking time for you, and hitting the gym can take a back seat! I’m Harj, a member of TeamReflex. I’m also a mom of my 5-year-old boy who needs me for everything and a very independent (and growing up way too fast!) 8-year-old daughter. … Continue reading →

How to effectively boost your metabolism for fat loss.

  What is your metabolism exactly? The metabolism of the body is a unique system. Many people are overweight and fight with never-ending dieting without success. There are methods you can utilize for a more efficient metabolism, in case your metabolism is extremely slow. Once you realize success from your preferred method, you will be able to burn more calories. We should first analyze the variables that slow your metabolism down. Metabolism is just the speed at which calories burn. This holds true when you are involved in any physical … Continue reading →

28 Day Detox & Shred….Starts Jan 3rd!!

  Begins Jan 3, 2017. Limited to 25 entries. This is not a diet. This is me teaching you how to eat everything you already enjoy. It’s me helping you to cook it healthy yet flavorful enough not to feel deprived. This will not feel restricted so you will never yo-yo diet again once you are given the tools for success. Vegetarian and standard meal plans Substitute options available for all food on your plan Carb cycling Indian food options available to substitute (daal, roti, sabji) Weekly grocery list to … Continue reading →

Healthy Protein Apple Crumble

Fall is upon us and the apple trees are overflowing with sweet goodness. I have more fresh organic apples than we can eat. So I go about making apple sauce for the kids and apple pies for everyone that will take one. The entire time I’m thinking, I eat more than anyone in this house, I must find a way to incorporate these apples into my diet. And just like all recipes I create, I set my mind to make a healthy, high-protein, sweet apple dish. I decided on apple … Continue reading →

Thank You to all my Red FM Listeners

I really wanted to reach out to the all the listeners from yesterdays radio show. I am completely humbled and appreciative of how you have all reached out to me. I have received over 100 voice calls and dozens of emails. As you all know, I am preparing for the biggest competition of my life right now. I leave for Winnipeg to compete in the Canadian Bodybuilding Championships on July 23rd. I have sacrificed a lot to get to this point. I am returning phone calls and emails as best … Continue reading →

Favorite Insta Waist SPORT Now Available

The Power Fitness belt has arrived!!!! Thank you once again for supporting me and believing in me.I have been testing this belt and altering it for comfort and effectiveness for 6 months now. Finally after I was happy with it, I sent it out to a select set of testers who ranged from a 230lb bodybuilder, who wore it as a power weight lifting belt to a 100lb tiny female who suffered greatly from back pain due to bad posture. A long distance truck driver with a fracture in his … Continue reading →

A Beginners Guide To Working Out

Gym Tips for Beginners The gym can be a terrifying place for a beginner. Fraught with its own social etiquette not to mention the terrifying notion that everyone is staring at you, and then second-guessing yourself wondering if you are even doing the exercise correctly. It’s important to get it right and feel confident and comfortable if you want to continue past January. 1. Take the gym up on the offer to show you the ropes. This is a pretty standard practice at almost all gyms. They will show you … Continue reading →

Favorite Bikini Girl Secret #1–Waist Training

Insta-Waist is Now Available! Waist trainers have been made popular by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Brooke Burke who claimed that these are the secret to their toned physiques. They attribute their post baby bodies and their quick recovery of a flat stomach to these trainers. Although there is no such thing as “spot”reduction, waist trainers used with a combined effort of increased activity and a healthy diet and increased water intake are proven to work. My personal story is of my last two fitness competitions. In the … Continue reading →

Beginners Guide to Waist Training

The Ultimate Guide I’ve been there. Sitting on the fence debating if this waist training is just the new fad all thanks to Kim Kardashian or if it really works. You all know my story and how I discovered for myself that this works. There is so much information online about waist training and so confusing to navigate it all. So I am summing it up for you here. What is Waist Training? Are you unsure exactly what waist training is? Well, no one should purchase a waist trainer without … Continue reading →

New Year, New You. Permanent Weight Loss.

Take this advice from someone who has already tried and tested so many diets and gimmicks; Low- carb, keto, juicing, fasting, high cardio, aerobic classes, starving myself, protein only diets, fat loss pills, fat burning creams!! Just take my word and save yourself the money and heart ache this New Years. There is no quick fix. Period. Weight loss happens with a consistent effort over a period of time. Give yourself 6 months, follow these steps, and transform yourself permanently. Tip 1 Loud-mouth Be vocal and verbal about your goals. … Continue reading →

Trouble Losing Weight?

My Article published in the Punjabi Patrika News!! Are you having trouble losing weight? No matter what you try you cannot lose the fat in your stomach? It is not your fault, it’s not because you are aging, and it’s not your metabolism. The problem could be in your hormones. “Over 30 published studies performed at the Virginia Medical School have shown that ChirositolTM, a nutrient derived from carob, is an effective supplement for insulin-resistant conditions including weight gain, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, as well as for excess … Continue reading →

Permanent Weight Loss

Ditch the Quick Fix Diet Whenever you see any type of get-skinny-fast diet , be wary. If I’ve said it once, then I’ve said it a thousand times — there is NO quick road to weight loss! No shortcuts, no secret pills, no magic potion. Want to lose weight and keep it off? The only way to is to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and track your calories in versus calories out. With the majority of the fitness industry targeting you for every hard earned dollar everywhere you turn there … Continue reading →

Work out the Right Way!!

My top 5 tips for today. 1. Less focus on the weight and stop using momentum. You are trying to grow your muscle, not move weight from A-B. Make the muscle work instead of making the exercise easier because you’re focused on the weight. 2. Concentrate on the negatives in a rep as much as the pull or the positive. Mind muscle connection peeps….engage your mind and focus on the muscle with control both ways. 3. Posture in check. Not just to prevent injuries but to make sure you are … Continue reading →